Motor Vehicle

Do you intend to import a motor vehicle/motor cycle? If yes, you must first apply to the Trade Board for an Import Licence and receive same before making arrangements for the shipping of the vehicle to Jamaica.

Prior to importation vehicle must be inspected and issued with a Pre-inspection Certificate from the country of export.


Documents Required To Import a Motor Vehicle or Motor Cycle:


Issued by the Trade Board Limited authorizing the importation of the vehicle.


Issued to the owner of the vehicle by the government of the country where the vehicle was purchased.


​​Obtained from the shipping agent


An invoice from the supplier is required for all vehicles


Obtained from the Tax Administration Jamaica


The Special Declaration is prepared by a Licensed Customs Broker and must be signed by the importer



Is there an age limit for the importation of motor vehicles?
Yes. Please contact the Trade Board for further information on the age limits for motor vehicle

What is the method used for determining the value of motor vehicles?
Under the World Trade Organization Agreement, invoices are to be presented to Customs from which the value for duty will be derived.

Can I import and clear my own motor vehicle?
The clearance of all motor vehicles must be done by a Licensed Customs Broker.

Do returning residents qualify for concession on motor vehicle importation?
No. However, the Trade Board will allow Returning Residents to import vehicles older than the stipulated age limit.

Who qualifies for concessions on motor vehicle importation?
Concessionary rates of duty on vehicles are usually given in special circumstances, for example, when the importer holds a job or position which entitles him to a concessionary rate of duty on the importation of a motor vehicle. People who qualify include farmers, senior teachers and government traveling officers.

Who grants these concessions?
Applications are submitted through the various government ministries to the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.


NOTE: Import Duty, Special Consumption tax and GCT is compounded, The processing fee and environmental levy is included in the aggregate Duty.



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