Site Inspection Application Form

Site Inspection Application Form

Before applying for site inspection, please note the following.

Site Inspection was introduced as a trade facilitation tool to support the economy and to ensure sustainability of the supply chain, while fostering good customer relation. This facility is extended to importers who meet the established criteria and should not be viewed as an undeniable right. Site Inspection involves the examination of containerized shipments or shipments on flat racks, on the premises of importers who meet the criteria, as stated on the Jamaica Customs Agency Site Inspection & Cold Storage Application Form as well as the Agency’s Internal Risk Assessment Checklist for Site and Cold Storage Location. Shipments that are approved for examination at the importer’s premises must fall into the following categories:

  1. Shipments that are deemed difficult to examine at the regular customs areas such as the Public Bonded Warehouses/Ports.
  2. Bulk shipments of glass and other fragile items of this nature
  3. Homogenous bulk shipments such as flour, rice, sugar and items of this nature
  4. Large equipment, which the offloading and examination of same on the Port would be impossible owing to the absence of relevant equipment or other means to facilitate a proper inspection
  5. Any other goods deemed unsuitable for examination on the Port/ Warehouse based on the assessment of the Customs Manager. This approval will be subjected to the suitability of the Site based on established criteria.


Please Note:

All refrigerated containers except for consolidated shipments containing fruits, vegetables and other perishable items are examined at one of the Customs approved Cold Storage unless otherwise approved for Site Inspection.


Click here to download:  Site Inspection Application Form


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